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Darin Brezeale has always loved to learn and is interested in many topics. This has led to degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, economics and mathematics, all from the University of Texas at Arlington in the USA.

Since completing his undergraduate degree, Darin has worked as an engineer for an electric company, a Unix system administrator for a telecomms firm and spent 12 years as a lecturer in a computer science department. Of all of the jobs he has had, teaching is what he likes the most. In his job as a lecturer he taught a variety of subjects including computer programming, linear algebra and digital signal processing.

Darin makes computer science and mathematics videos to post to his YouTube channel or other online course platforms. He also posts computer science and mathematics materials to his website, learn more about Darin and what they have to offer, take a look at their LinkedIn profile here.

Free, Online Courses Created by Darin Brezeale

  • Certificate Introduction to Linear Algebra

    Introduction to Linear Algebra

    10-15 hrs
    Master value methods in linear algebra, an important subject in Engineering and Science, in this free online course.
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