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Courseforge Education is a leading e-learning provider, specializing in delivering exceptional online educational experiences to students in the USA and South Asia. With a strong emphasis on innovation and educational excellence, Courseforge Education has earned a reputation as a trusted and forward-thinking platform dedicated to empowering learners with knowledge and skills for success.

Founded by a team of visionary educators who used to provide live tutor support online, Courseforge Education emerged with a clear vision to revolutionize the educational landscape. Drawing from years of experience in the field of online education, the company recognized the transformative potential of e-learning in making quality education accessible to learners across borders.

At Courseforge Education, the driving force behind their success is a team of passionate experts dedicated to shaping the future of education. With a wealth of knowledge in pedagogy, instructional design, and technology, Courseforge Education's experts collaborate to create engaging and interactive courses that foster a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Free, Online Courses Created by Courseforge Education

  • Diploma Diploma in Data Analysis Using SPSS

    Diploma in Data Analysis Using SPSS

    10-15 hrs
    Learn how to use SPSS software to filter, analyse, interpret and visualise data in this free online diploma course.
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