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Chris M Nemo is an educator and owns The Mnemo Bay, which is one of the biggest online libraries on memory improvement. After studying dozens of books, totaling thousands of pages, dozens of hours of e-learning courses and of hundreds of hours of practical exercises in the field of memory improvement, he decided to share his knowledge with people interested in learning the science of being smart.

Chris has core skills in explaining difficult concepts through a step-by-step, easy-to-understand method using video and text-based courses. He also has expertise in memory improvement and is the creator of the Super Clever Advanced Learning Method (SCALM), a universal method that can help you learn any subject and even memorise entire books.

Chris M Nemo's course will serve as a platform for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of memory: how it works, how to develop its full potential and how to use it effectively in daily life.

Free, Online Courses Created by Chris M Nemo

  • Certificate High IQ: The Science of Being Smart

    High IQ: The Science of Being Smart

    3-4 hrs
    Learn what the IQ really is, how it works, how it is measured and how it can be improved in this free online course.
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