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Amzi Chidozie, popularly known as “zimzim”, is a technological enthusiast who also has a great passion for education. He grew up in the trenches of Aba in Abia State, Nigeria. He was born into a humble but hardworking family, and both his parents were civil servants in Abia State. Going by the growing popularity of his nickname, he decided to start his own brand, which he called “Zimzim Services”.

Amzi Chidozie has experienced the joy of having different students progress in life due to his tutoring and professional care towards them. Having taught both O’level and A’level students, Amzi stands out before his students as a great mentor and us easily approached on different matters both from his students and beyond.

Amzi has successfully combined both education and computer literacy, hence the reason behind the brand name, “Zimzim Services”. This brand combines tutoring, both online and offline, with graphics design for clients and even freelancing. With all these different aspects, “Zimzim Services” is able to achieve its goal of satisfying its variety of customers.

Free, Online Courses Created by Amzi Chidozie

  • Certificate Essentials of Fish Farming

    Essentials of Fish Farming

    1.5-3 hrs
    In this free online course, learn all the basics you need to be an effective fish farmer including fish management.
  • Certificate Management Education - Effective Supervision

    Management Education - Effective Supervision

    1.5-3 hrs
    This free online course equips you as a supervisor to perfect the art of supervision and fit into the management circle.
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