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For two decades, American Digital University (ADU) has been publishing quality courses related to the maritime industry. Its journey began with the realisation that there was a real problem with access in the sector, so it set about addressing this through the creation of more accessible instructional and learning opportunities for students interested in entering the maritime industry.

Together with industry and educational leaders, ADU has worked to redefine maritime learning and training by transforming brick-and-mortar classes into effective web-based channels. In India, through a government sponsored programme, ADU has become the de facto online training provider for the national maritime community and works extensively with the regional Work Force Development Boards to provide skill-based training.

ADU also specialises in e-learning consultancy and e-learning content development for various higher education institutions. Alongside its highly successful maritime course, it also publishes courses in mathematics and science.Read the full story of how ADU became industry leaders in maritime education on the Alison Blog.

Free, Online Courses Created by ADU

  • Certificate Introduction to Transformers

    Introduction to Transformers

    3-4 hrs
    This free online course teaches about the working principles, features, types and properties of transformers.
  • Certificate Beginner's Guide to Thermodynamics

    Beginner's Guide to Thermodynamics

    1.5-3 hrs
    This free online course is a beginner's guide to thermodynamics, which describes the ways of measuring energy.
  • Certificate Probability, Combinatorics and Statistics

    Probability, Combinatorics and Statistics

    3-4 hrs
    Learn the mathematical concepts of probability, combinatorics and statistics in this free online course on
  • Certificate Introduction to Physics - Fluid Statics and Dynamics

    Introduction to Physics - Fluid Statics and Dynamics

    4-5 hrs
    Discover the properties of fluids and learn important fluid concepts and theories in this online free course
  • Diploma Diploma in Electrical Technology

    Diploma in Electrical Technology

    10-15 hrs
    Develop solid foundational knowledge of the fundamentals of electrical technology in this free engineering course.
  • Certificate Electrical Measuring Instrumentation

    Electrical Measuring Instrumentation

    3-4 hrs
    Learn how to use various instruments to measure electrical properties in this free online electrical engineering course.
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