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Ali Unar founded Access Prep, a mission-driven test prep and admissions consulting company focused on increasing diversity in the legal industry. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's in Economics and Political Science and is now a J.D. student at Georgetown Law. He grew up in a small village in Pakistan and later pursued his education in Malaysia and then the U.S. He is the first member of his family to attend college. He strongly believes in equal access to education and better opportunities for all. He made it his mission to address the lack of educational access that has led to decades of socioeconomic stagnation in minority communities.

Since 2017, Ali Unar has helped more than 600 students to be accepted to the best law schools in the country by teaching LSAT and crafting outstanding applications. He regularly talks about admissions and provides workshops for students at UCLA and UPenn. His global educational journey gives him a deep understanding of the needs of minority and international applicants.

Since 2014, he has been running his nonprofit organisation, READ (Rural Education and Development), focused on developing schools in rural Pakistan and spreading awareness of the importance of education.

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  • Certificate LSAT Prep: Everything You Need to Know

    LSAT Prep: Everything You Need to Know

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    This free online course improves your critical thinking skills in preparation for the ‘Logical Reasoning’ LSAT.
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