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As a distinguished publisher, the Academy of Skills has emerged as the premier source for online courses across various domains. Offering specialised courses to both UK and international students, the Academy of Skills places great emphasis on delivering high-quality education.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the education sector, the Academy of Skills boasts unmatched expertise in creating comprehensive online courses. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals, including subject matter experts and instructional designers. They work diligently on every course, ensuring they are meticulously crafted for the optimum delivery of knowledge and information. The lessons are provided in the most efficient manner possible.

Students learning journey is supported by a wide range of services that the Academy of Skills offers with pride. Academy of Skills' online courses aims at enriching academic and professional expertise, empowering pupils with the necessary means for excelling in their respective domains. We aim to establish an environment that nurtures growth and success by offering interactive lectures, comprehensive study materials, and personalised guidance from experienced instructors.

Free, Online Courses Created by Academy Of Skills

  • Diploma Diploma in GDPR and Data Protection

    Diploma in GDPR and Data Protection

    6-10 hrs
    Learn how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects information and privacy in this free online course.
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