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Abdussalam Hijazi is an engineer with a passion for sharing knowledge. He holds a BSc degree in mechanical engineering, specialising in power engineering from the University of Aleppo. He is currently working as an educator and research student. Abdussalam's solid academic foundation underlies his commitment to creating high-quality educational content.

As a mechanical engineer and through engaging in research, projects, and practical experiences, Abdussalam has valuable insights into the principles and applications of various mechanical engineering subjects.

Abdussalam offers a diverse range of text-based courses to empower students and enthusiasts interested in thermodynamics and heat transfer. Through his published courses, He provides comprehensive and accessible educational materials suitable for learners at all levels. By combining theoretical knowledge with minimalistic education methods, his courses offer an extensive learning experience.To learn more about Abdussalam and what they have to offer, take a look at their LinkedIn profile here.

Free, Online Courses Created by Abdussalam Hijazi

  • Certificate

    Basics of Thermodynamics

    5-6 hrs
    Master the concepts of thermodynamics in this free online physics course that covers heat, temperature, work and energy.
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