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The Tireless Worker is an avid investor who started learning about investing from a young age. His interest with the financial markets led him to take numerous courses and read widely on different financial instruments. During his studies, he realised a lack of effective investing resources and sought to provide it for others.

The Tireless Worker has actively invested in the US stock markets and is skilled in fundamental and technical analysis, and options trading.

The Tireless Worker started teaching to make investing concepts easy and simple to understand through practical examples and simple language. His aim is to empower everyone to create a strategy that suits them based on their needs and style of investing.

Free, Online Courses Created by The Tireless Worker

  • Certificate Technical Analysis: Stock Market Trends

    Technical Analysis: Stock Market Trends

    1.5-3 hrs
    In this free online course, learn to track stock market trends, analyze market charts and make and implement strategies.
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