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Sjoerd Wess began making movies as a child, filming his friends skateboarding. He was the kid who was still trying to do a kickflip while his friends were already flipping down eight flights of stairs. This, however, provided him with the opportunity to film what they did and improve his skills. He quickly realised he had a talent for finding compositions and interesting angles to improve the image.

Sjoerd's main passion is documentary filmmaking, storytelling with beautiful and powerful visuals. His background in extreme sports also allows him to film in harsh conditions, such as on tall mountain peaks or in cold oceans. He's worked with some amazing clients over the years, which has allowed him to live his dream.

He creates courses to help newer filmmakers get the information they need to get started or improve their existing skills.

Free, Online Courses Created by Sjoerd Wess

  • Certificate

    A Complete Edit and Color Grading Guide Using DaVinci Resolve 17

    1.5-3 hrs
    Become a video editing master and learn editing and colour grading with DaVinci Resolve 17 in this free online course.
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