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For more than years Javier Gumucio, the founder of PRONTO!, has studied and mastered five languages at a B2 level (have the ability to live and work independently in a country by speaking its native language, and to take courses in that language). This list includes Spanish, English, Italian, French and German. Because of his passion for learning more about different cultures, being able to communicate with new people of different nationalities is extremely important to him. When learning a language you almost get to travel to that country and learn all about it. For several years Javier conducted in-person Italian lessons - his favourite language - with hundreds of students. Then he decided to grow the community worldwide: PRONTO! has hundreds of students in more than 40 countries. Javier has also studied Social Communications.

Javier has expertise in organising and delivering information in the most effective way for students to cut the learning curve and get to their results quickly. He has taken the best tools and insights from his personal journey learning five languages and has applied them to his beginners' Italian course on Alison.

PRONTO! offers students a beginner Italian course with one important objective: customer satisfaction. You will master the Italian language while learning all about the culture. The teachers are all native Italian speakers, so students will learn pronunciation in the best possible way, while also getting to know the most relevant grammar rules, new words and new phrases about new subjects. Benvenuto a PRONTO!

Free, Online Courses Created by PRONTO!

  • Certificate

    PRONTO! Italian Language Studies - Introduction

    1.5-3 hrs
    Master the language and become an 'Italiano vero' - a true Italian - with this free online language course.
  • Certificate

    Italian Language Studies - Intermediate

    3-4 hrs
    Become an 'italiano vero' - a true Italian - by studying the Italian language with this free online language course.
  • Certificate

    Italian Language Studies - Advanced

    6-10 hrs
    Speak Italian fluently and proficiently using complex texts and practical exercises provided in this free online course.
  • Certificate

    Aprenda la Lengua Italiana Para Principiantes

    1.5-3 hrs
    Conozca la cultura Italiana y aprenda los fundamentos esenciales del idioma a través de este free online course.
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