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Mark Paulda is a professional travel photographer. His images are seen in magazines and on websites across the world, and his photography books are the fastest-selling books for his publisher. He is also a member of and contributor to Rolling Stone magazine’s Culture Council. He is a Grammy Award finalist for his work on 'Recollections' by Asia featuring John Payne for Best Album Cover Design.

Mark knows about the photography business because he lives it each and every day. He thinks big and helping others to succeed is his main aim with his photography courses and mentorship programmes. Mark wants you to become the best photographer you can be as well as reach your goals.

If you are seeking a creative marketing mind, an unconventional thinker who understands that the rules of the game have changed, and someone who is passionate about helping other creative people succeed - you will probably enjoy his courses. Mark Paulda is a professional travel photographer, curious gentleman wayfarer, travel blogger, best-selling author, photography mentor and teacher of creative people.

Free, Online Courses Created by Mark Paulda

  • Certificate Understanding Photo Composition

    Understanding Photo Composition

    1.5-3 hrs
    This free online course will equip you with excellent skills to help you excel in photo composition.
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