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Mahesh Shenoy is an electronics and communications engineer but, after graduating in 2011, he moved to teach physics. For the first six years, Mahesh taught in a classroom and then joined Khan Academy as a physics video creator.

Shenoy is experienced with teaching in various styles such as live classroom demos, showing experiment videos and checking the physics accuracy of action movies. He has enjoyed his various different teaching positions and has learnt a lot about engaged/disengaged learners and the major misconceptions they hold.

Mahesh Shenoy leads the science team at Khan Academy and continues to make physics videos for the company's YouTube as well as finding excellent teachers and mentoring them.

Free, Online Courses Created by Mahesh Shenoy

  • Certificate Beginner Kinematics

    Beginner Kinematics

    5-6 hrs
    This free online course on kinematics introduces you to the concepts of distance and displacement in basic motion.
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