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Joseph Drumheller is an award-winning author and leader in hypnotherapy, meditation, and healing. His deep spiritual connection to nature led him to start off on the career path as a mineral exploration geologist. However, after numerous mystical experiences, his path broadened to include hypnotherapy.

Drumheller has worked in the worlds of meditation, healing, and spirituality since 1991. For six years, he perfected his craft by working as a clinical hypnotherapist in a cancer radiation clinic in the United States. He has undertaken thousands private sessions, has over 20 000 online students and has published an assortment of award-winning books for adults and children.

He is also the founder of JDH Academy of Hypnotherapy where he offers private remote hypnotherapy sessions to awaken the spirit within.

Free, Online Courses Created by Joseph Drumheller

  • Certificate Hypnotherapy - An 18 Day Weightloss Program

    Hypnotherapy - An 18 Day Weightloss Program

    3-4 hrs
    Learn how to master your emotions to sculpt and sustain your desired body in this free online course.
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