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Top 5 Reasons Why Online Certifications Count

Make your free online certification from Alison count! Add it to your resumé to demonstrate to employers the unique knowledge, skill set and initiative that you bring to the job. Below are our top 5 reasons why online certifications count. Ready to level-up your career right now? Enroll in one of Alison’s free online certificate programs today.

Here’s Why Online Certifications Count

  1. Stand Out by Adding an Online Certificate to Your Resumé
  2. In an increasingly competitive world, employers are looking for unique skills that help you stand out from your peers.

    Perhaps there are three applicants for a marketing position, and you are the only one who knows how to market on social media after taking a free certificate course on Alison. Or maybe your Certificate in Hospitality Management Studies means you alone are eligible for promotion at the hotel where you work.

    With thousands of free online certificates to choose from, Alison students can create their own edge in the workplace - and make employers take notice.

  3. Online Certificates Build Skill Development
  4. Employers place great importance on individuals’ knowledge, skills and competence when interviewing candidates or reviewing promotions.

    Generally speaking, online certificates focus on subject-specific learning. Historically, certificates were often offered in conjunction with skilled crafts and trades such as carpentry, plumbing or welding. Today, a wide variety of professions offer - or require - certificates, including accounting, education, healthcare and technology.

    It makes sense, then, that the number one reason people study with Alison is to improve their workplace skills. Whether it is refreshing knowledge of project management, keeping up-to-date with data protection regulations or learning a new language, in today’s modern economy, employees and entrepreneurs understand the importance of keeping their skills current.

    Alison’s free online certificates are offered in a variety of in-demand industries, such as Computer Science and IT, Health and Fitness, Hospitality and more. We also offer certificates in fields that can be widely applied across a variety of industries, including Communications, Project Management and Leadership, Human Resources and others.

    Whatever your professional or personal goals, Alison’s free online certificates allow you to level up your knowledge and skills.

  5. Gaining an Online Certificate Shows Initiative
  6. Even without the benefit of increased skills and a competitive advantage, taking the time to proactively complete an online certificate program through Alison demonstrates personal commitment on the part of the learner.

    It serves as a signal of intellectual curiosity, initiative and determination - and employers recognize that these characteristics can bring great value to their organization. So what are you waiting for? Take the initiative and enroll in one of Alison’s online certificate programs today.

  7. Gaining an Online Certificate Will Make You a Better Interviewee
  8. The interview is often a critical final step in the recruitment and hiring process. Earning an online certificate in a particular field allows you to demonstrate a foundational understanding of a subject and communicate in industry-specific language. Beyond simple demonstration of technical skill, an online certificate helps you speak more knowledgeably and confidently about the job you are seeking.

    Additionally, your online certificate can create a unique line of questions for an interviewer. While online learning is becoming increasingly common, it is still rare enough to generate curiosity and conversation, leading to a better, more interesting and more successful interview.

  9. Employers Take Online Certificates Seriously
  10. Alison’s online certificates fall into a category sometimes referred to as Massive Open Online Certificates (MOOC). In this interconnected world, MOOCs such as those available through Alison allow access to education that is both time- and cost-effective for learners.

    In today’s rapidly evolving environment, educational needs and expectations are changing. Recent articles on sites such as LinkedIn point to the fact that employers increasingly recognize the training and workplace development benefits of MOOCs. With this has come a growing awareness of the enhanced knowledge and technical skills that MOOCs can provide to both current and potential employees.

    Get started today and learn why tens of millions of learners across the globe have chosen Alison’s online certificate programs to meet their educational and career goals.

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