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Health Literacy


Alcohol and Its Effects on Health

Alcohol is enjoyed by many people during social occasions, but for others addiction to alcohol or alcohol-related illnesses can be a serious health issue. This free online course begins by reviewing ..
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Caring in the Health Professions

Care relationships within health professions are of great importance and hold a lot of meaning for both the provider and recipient. This free online course will give you a comprehensive understanding..
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Advance Learning

Comprendre le virus Ebola et comment l'eviter

Une nouvelle éruption du virus Ebola a été enrégistrée dans les pays de l’Afrique de l’Ouest les semaines passées. Le taux de mortalité du virus Ebola est extrêmement élevé et une nouvelle éruption d..
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Fundamentals of Childhood and Youth Studies

This free online course was developed in response to the emerging importance of children and youth in international development policy. The course will give the learner a comprehensive understanding ..
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Fundamentals of Virology

A virus is a small infectious particle which can only replicate inside the cells of a living organism. Most viruses are harmless to humans, some are infectious and make us ill for a short period of t..
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