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More Information about Stefan Doering

Stefan Doering is a senior innovator, entrepreneur, business coach trainer and sustainability expert, having coached 4,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide, have taught (environmental) entrepreneurship at Columbia University, Stony Brook, as well as for NYC, among others. He has been innovating in environmental business and sustainability since 1987. Having a BBA and MBA in Information Systems, many of these businesses have integrated technology.

He started, ran, and funded 7 companies since the 90s and as a serial entrepreneur, he has been deeply involved with sustainability in business (People, Planet, Profits) since the late 1980s. Stefan is also the founder/Ceo of Shift Group, Inc.

Stefan is currently working with the next generation of entrepreneurs committed to sustainable business practices and maximum growth, helping them in three key ways: 1) Innovating an exceptional sustainable business model, 2) crafting and implementing a powerful marketing and positioning strategy, taking their business mainstream, and 3) creating a consistently profitable and sustainable business.