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Stay Curious Media Ltd is a company that was created out of the love for travel and discovery. The CEO, an avid traveler and storyteller himself, set out on a journey to travel the world and share his experiences with as many people as he could in order to promote the lesser seen cultures, languages and peoples around the globe. As the company grew, so did our mission to promote affordable education on as many subjects as possible.

Stay Curious specialises in providing online education. More specifically, the company focuses on creating and publishing online courses designed and developed by experts in their field.

Although the company strives to expand its range of content, the primary focus is on courses teaching languages, creative software, and business software and strategy. Although the company is based out of Cyprus, it is very much global, with employees from all around the world. Our employees work remotely, and thus many of them have the opportunity to travel and experience the world themselves.

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