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The Saylor Academy is a nonprofit initiative working since 2008 to make quality online courses freely available to all who want to learn. The courses are created by expert educators who draw on a wide range of learning materials, chosen from free and open online educational resources. All courses are approved by the American Council of Education, the leading trade organisation of American colleges and universities.

The Saylor Academy doesn't just provide university-grade courses, they also deliver a self-paced learning experience which replicates the third-level classroom. Testimony to this is the prestigious list of partner schools who accept Saylor Academy courses for university credit.

By learning with the Saylor Academy, you can start building towards a degree that is recognised by some of the top universities in America. With nearly 100 courses to choose from, there are endless educational and professional opportunities available, ranging from Operations Management to Public Relations and much more!

Free, Online Courses Published by Saylor Academy

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