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Julia Richter is an artist and educator from Berlin who has been living in Ireland for over 15 years. A self-taught painter with many years of experience, Julia also qualified as a secondary school teacher in her native Germany. Following her move to Dublin to study for her PhD in chemistry, Julia maintained her passion for education by teaching science and medicine undergraduates at Trinity College.

Her passion for languages originates in her own studies of French at school and from having learned English on moving to Ireland. However once she settled in Ireland permanently, Julia directed her love of languages towards her own native German.

Julia began teaching German as a way to combine her background in teaching, her passion for linguistics and her love of the German language. Julia has been teaching German for over 10 years now and her popular and accessible courses have reached over 150,000 students through Alison. To learn more about Julia's journeys in science, languages and art, check out her interview with the Alison Blog.