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Biologyexams4u is an Indian-based free, online biology resource sharing network founded in 2011 by Deena T Kochunni and Jazir Haneef. Deena T Kochunni is an Ex-researcher in Plant Molecular Biology and Jazir Haneef has been working as an Assistant Professor of Botany since 2010.

We started biologyexams4u as a blog to share resources for students who cannot afford coaching institutes for exam preparation. Our resources have enabled millions of learners to master biology across the globe.

The Biologyexams4u network has many websites, with over a hundred million page views provides simplified notes, short concept videos, practice tests, previous solved question papers and multiple-choice questions in biology. Biologyexams4u is well known for its short, precise conceptual videos on various topics in the life sciences. Our content on various sub-disciplines such as recombinant DNA technology, immunology, and research methodology is among the most popular YouTube videos on the topic.