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Advance Learning has produced cutting-edge interactive multimedia IT Skills training courses for corporate clients including the Microsoft Corporation. Advance Learning is an expert in the field of E-Learning Theory and Practice. Each course they publish is pedagogically sound and designed to offer the learner the best educational experience possible.

From 1998 to 2007, Advance Learning produced leading edge interactive multimedia IT Skills training courses for its own direct clients and for corporate clients such as the Microsoft Corporation. Over the years, Advance Learning has expanded its content and today boasts an extensive catalogue of curated courses on a wide range of categories, from Health & Safety to GDPR, Business to Management and Caregiving to Parenting. Each online course is carefully selected, reviewed and edited to ensure it reaches Continuing Professional Development UK (CPD) high standards and accreditation.

Advance Learning provides high quality interactive multimedia content development services. They work with multiple partners and clients to continue to source, purchase and commission more and more courses developed by subject matter experts.

Free, Online Courses Published by Advance Learning

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