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More Information about Accounting Intuition

Accounting Intuition specialises in using visualisation technology to help learners develop an intuitive understanding of financial principles. Part of the Metapraxis Group, which provides management information software to some of the world’s most complex companies, Accounting Intuition teaches practices utilised by Metapraxis itself. Their courses are also fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

With an aim to demystify accounting, Accounting Intuition uses advanced visualisation technology to provide students with a coherent understanding of the profession's principles and teach them how various accounts fit together systematically, something that even qualified accountants struggle with.

Accounting Intuition's cutting edge interactive visualisation models are used by accounting professors at institutions across Europe, including Oxford University, and their courses are also used to provide financial training to a variety of UK companies. By emphasising the core principles which so often go overlooked by students because they're taken for granted, Accounting Intuition's courses offer any accounting student an invaluable head start in their career. To learn how demystifying accounting can empower learners, read the interview with Accounting Intuition's Director Matt Bittlestone on the Alison Blog.