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Jason Gandy is an entrepreneur, investor, and online instructor that has built several online businesses over the past decade. His first experience as a teacher came as a kickboxing instructor while attending Georgia Southern University. Since then, he has taught multiple subjects ranging from self-defence at local gyms, to online business to students around the world. In 2004, Jason began selling products on eBay and grew his first e-commerce business. Over the years, he has created multiple websites, launched his own branded products, and has created hundreds of tutorial videos. He has also been actively involved with stock trading & cryptocurrency since 2010. Jason currently runs Quantum Courses, which has over 30,000 students worldwide in 150+ countries, and growing!

Jason Gandy graduated from Georgia Southern University with a business degree in Information Systems. He is a serial entrepreneur that has built multiple online businesses, specializing in e-commerce and online marketing. He also has a vast amount of experience with stock trading, cryptocurrency and investing.

Quantum Courses is a premier online education company with a vision to provide valuable information to eager learners around the world. Their goal is to bring their students educational content that is not only valuable but also entertaining! They work to identify topics that benefit both their current and future students. What sets their courses apart is their quality & value. Each course is made to the highest standard, featuring easy to understand, step-by-step training, with zero fluff or filler.