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Free Workplace Personality Assessment

This free personality test is the first of a series of free psychometric tests that Alison is launching this year to help our member's self-knowledge and confidence in the workplace.

Around the world, millions of people are asking themselves...

Am I suited to my career?

Which job might I excel at?

What are my natural strengths?

Thousands of employers are also trying to figure out...

Is this the person I should hire?

Is there a good personality fit here?

These are questions millions of workers and employers ask everyday. Now, Alison can help provide the answer.

Alison can help you figure out your workplace personality profile - and help identify what job you might be naturally good at - and importantly, what you might not be so good at! This personality test is the first of a series of psychometric tests which will be published later this year including Free Cognitive Skills tests such as Verbal Reasoning, Numeracy and Abstract Reasoning.

This professional workplace personality assessment can help reveal to you your professional strengths and weaknesses, highlight which careers you should follow, and help us recommend to you how you can improve in certain areas in order to succeed. Alison’s Workplace Personality Assessment is a rigorous and scientific evaluation that can provide vital guidance for prospective employees and employers. These tests have been produced for Alison by experts who have provided similar tests to some of the world's best known corporate enterprises. Here at Alison, you can benefit from this test for free! Just click below and get started!

Please note that it takes an average of 18 minutes to complete this test.

Your People Skills

Your Drives

Your Work Styles

Your Learning Styles