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Alison T-Shirts

Alison T-Shirt Incentive Programme
for Workplace Training

So, you graduate from an Alison free online course and you get a Free Alison Graduate T-Shirt. That’s the simple idea behind this program – and it WORKS!!!!!! More people complete their course if they have an incentive like a T-Shirt to do so.

Alison’s self-paced free online courses are relatively short at Certificate Level, getting considerably longer for our Diploma and Learning Path levels. Yet, getting a student to complete a Certificate Course (between 1.5 and 2.5 hours long), can still be a challenge when it’s the learner’s first time to complete an online course, or indeed a course on a particular topic.

What can make all the difference is something simple, something small, an Alison GRADUATE T-Shirt. Successfully completing an Alison course, where you must get 80% of the assessment questions correct can be intimidating for some learners. Awarding the successful Alison Graduate a free Alison Graduate T-Shirt can be a proud moment for the successful student. A further incentive is to get a small group of learners to complete together. Besides awarding them with a parchment or PDF download of their award, adding a free T-Shirt can be a very powerful incentive. In recent months, we ran an experiment with a great partner of ours, the Central Careers Center in West Palm Beach, Florida who regularly recommend its clients to learn on Alison.

The experiment was this; in addition to encouraging local employment seekers to study and up-skill themselves online, we offered them a FREE Alison Graduate T-Shirt to see if this small gesture would improve completion rates and get more people to complete their courses and certify online. The answer was a resounding YES!!!

Alison T-Shirts
Participants in the program stated that they took pride in wearing the Alison T-shirts and it empowered them to want to accomplish more. Since the start of this project, I have seen an increase in those that have a desire to improve their skills through online learning as evidenced by the number of individuals enrolled in classes at Alison.com. I also believe that the promise of a Graduate t-shirt will have a positive impact on the number of course completions!

- Sandy Wright, Supervisor, Client Services at Central Career Services

Alison T-Shirts

Alison T-Shirts Expansion of Program across the USA (Spring 2018)

Given the success enjoyed, we would like to offer other Career Centers across the USA the opportunity to participate. We charge a very nominal price for the high quality 100% Cotton T-Shirts which we dispatch in bulk to your location – costs are as low as we can make them, and also provide posters for publicity, and also general advice about how to go about the promotion.

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If you think this might work among your staff and clientele, please email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.

*We hope to make this offer international later this year.