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Alison Library Partners

Alison Library Partners (ALPs) makes proctored learning more widely accessible worldwide. Alison is currently pioneering the initiative in India in partnership with the Indian National Library Service, NASCOM foundation, and EduVantage. Like Alison, all are social enterprises trying to utilise new technologies and business methodologies to improve society.

Alison Library Partners

The concept

Candidates walk into the libraries and register for the online programs. The libraries encourage general public to register for Alison courses. The registration is free on the Alison platform. The students then go on to finish the course either in the library or in any other location/ devise as per the learners convenience.

When the learner (either registered in the library or otherwise), has completed a free course on Alison, they may approach an official library staff member for a proctored exam. The proctor in the library will watch the learners as they pass an Alison Course Assessment. Once a successful test has been witnessed, they can, as registered members of the library, access the Alison system and vouch that the student has completed the course under the ALP proctored programme. When they proceed to purchasing an Alison PDF Certificate or Parchment, their Certificate will state that the assessment they took was proctored.

Alison Library Partners
Benefit to the Learner

The Benefit to the Alison learner of taking advantage of the Alison ALP programme is that they may not necessarily be required to sit a further test of competence when presenting an Alison Certificate to a recruitment agent or prospective employer. Neither do they need to rely on a self-assessed certification.

Benefit to the Library

The Benefit to the Library is that for every Certificate purchased by a learner who avails of the ALP “Proctored” Certification process, they will receive a small payment. Fees charged to Alison Learners in India for Certificate PDF downloads and parchments are among the lowest in the world.

Benefit to Society

The Benefit to Indian society is that free learning can be popularised further through this programme. More and more people are learning for free via their mobile phone, but often, employers want to be sure that they have learned what they say they have learned without having to see them resit the Alison assessment in front of them. This system allows a proctored system to be available to anyone of any income across India.

Should you have further questions about the Alison Library Partner (ALP) Programme, please see the information linked below or contact [email protected] for further assistance.

Further information about the Alison Library Partner (ALP) Programme

How do I apply to become an Alison Library Partner?

Click here where you will be asked to complete an application form.

What are my responsibilities as an Alison Library Partner?

To encourage as many library users as possible to learn for free online to a standard that can be proved through a proctored assessment online. Also, to make sure that all library staff administering the programme are Qualified Alison Proctors, who have successfully completed the appropriate Alison course online and know how to assist learners through their assessment.

What else should I consider before launching an Alison Library Partner?

Besides making sure the library staff know all the need to know about the ALP Programme, they must be sure that the environment is conducive to learning and that the programme is properly advertised and marketing locally, inside and outside of the library presence.


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