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Career Guidance for Making A Career Change

The career you’re in just isn’t working for you, and you are going to try something new. Well done: that’s not an easy decision to make, and it shows real courage. Many people remain in the wrong career for years out of fear of making a change. This is a challenge. Making a career change involves a lot of research, adapting to a very new environment, and frequent moments of self-doubt and worry. To conquer this challenge, you’ll need to work on a few core skills.

This isn’t your first job. You just need to know how to communicate and sell your experience effectively to your new employer. If you work on your negotiation and communication skills, this will be a lot easier. You are entering some new territory and need to make a solid plan, so start developing your career planning skills. Very importantly, immediately focus on your stress management abilities to prepare yourself for the road ahead. With these tools in your belt, a new and improved career is just around the corner.

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