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What do Tutors do? Tutors instruct individual students or groups of students in different subjects, courses, or skill areas. They usually offer education in non-classroom scenarios such as private homes.

In this role, you determine the academic gaps of a student and then use different methods to bridge these gaps. You also actively encourage the student so as to motivate him or her towards performing better in studies. 

A part of your job is to instruct students in skills such as test-taking or note-taking. You may also instruct students in learning various occupational skills which may ultimately help them in their careers.

Adult Basic Education Instructor - An Adult Basic Education Instructor is someone who instructs adult students in core subjects such as mathematics, science, reading and writing. He or she usually teaches such adults who return to school to finish a course or a class. 

Tutorial Laboratory Supervisor (Tutorial Lab Supervisor) - A Tutorial Laboratory Supervisor is someone who oversees the lab work of the students and performs various related administrative tasks. 

These include ensuring the safety of the equipment and the students, and preparing the lab for different sessions as per curriculum requirements.

How do people become Tutors? The basic requirement for a career as Tutors is to have a background in Psychology, Mathematics, Education, Training, or a related field.

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