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Introduction to Quality Control

Explore quality control methods, theory and processes in industrial engineering with this free online course.

Publisher: NPTEL
Quality and consistency in products and services is a minimum expectation from customers and despite a clear need for quality control (QC), there’s a distinct lack of certified skills. This free Introduction to Quality Control course covers the different dimensions of ‘quality’, the seven quality control tools of effective quality management and the basic approach to statistical process control (SPC) for quality control of products and services.
Introduction to Quality Control
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There are various ways to approach quality control (QC) and this free online course discusses these approaches as well as the evolution of quality control techniques. You will learn about different components such as Quality of Conformance, Quality of Performance, Quality of Design and how quality characteristics are chosen for developing important control charts.

The material describes and discusses the seven tools of quality management and the basic approach to statistical process control (SPC). You will analyze why it is important for organizations and manufacturers to maintain good quality products and services and then move on to the different quality control charts used for SPC in production processes. This free online course also covers the relevance of plotted values on x- and y-axes for sample control charts. This course then outlines in detail the different types and functions of control charts for attributes, as well as their variables. You will study the importance of mean control and range control charts, as well as how to develop a methodology for these charts. You will learn how to examine the relationship between productivity and work-study, as well as how they can be used favorably to improve the economy. 

Quality control skills are vital if manufacturers want to improve products, test them for variations and help train employees to reach and surpass certain standards. If you’re in industrial engineering or keen on learning about how quality control works in this environment, then sign up today.

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