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How to Draw 101

Unearth a new skill and learn how to draw realistically in this free online course with portrait artist Ethan Moran.

Publisher: Ethan Moran
This free online art course trains you to create lifelike drawings. Ethan Moran, a professional portrait artist from Ireland, shares his tips on everything from the best raw materials to use through to the ability of ancient artistic principles like proportion, perspective and depth to bring your pictures to life. We use speed-drawings to illustrate the lessons taught in this easy-to-follow video course that can help you find your own talent.
How to Draw 101
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Discover the satisfaction of rendering a true likeness on paper in these free online art classes. Our tutor, Ethan Moran, is a professional portrait artist who acquired skills and knowledge as he honed his craft over the years. He shares his expertise through short, easy-to-follow video lessons that include fascinating speed-drawings. A craftsman is only as good as their materials and so Ethan begins the course by illustrating the merits of different types of pencil with varying specific gripping methods. He then examines types of sharpeners, erasers and that all-important paper.

The course then switches focus to drawing techniques, beginning with lines and outlines. Ethan covers some of the established principles of fine art, including proportion, perspective and creating depth. He teaches a range of methods for achieving the correct proportions, such as the ‘square’ and ‘triangular grid’ techniques. A key aspect of drawing for a realistic effect is creating a sense of depth and we examine light sources and the shadows they make as one of the tools at the artist’s disposal. Ethan also covers the rules of perspective: objects that are nearer should appear bigger and lighter than those that are further away. The course covers various shading techniques, from hatching through to the dusty beauty of graphite before moving on to blending techniques. The final module teaches you how to draw the human face and Ethan covers this topic feature by feature. He explains how to get the best results when drawing eyes, lips, noses and finally hair, using speed-drawing videos to demonstrate his methods as they become yours too.

Ethan’s free art lessons provide an easy and engaging place to start for anyone who wants to learn how to draw realistically. You don’t require any prior knowledge or even latent talent to benefit from the course as drawing is a skill that can be learnt. Ethan is based in Galway and has been drawing portraits since the age of 13. He divides his time between his art and teaching children to draw and paint through a youth organisation. His passion for sharing his love of drawing is matched by his belief that others can master these skills and become better artists than they imagine - and more quickly than they might believe possible. We can help you discover how relaxing, absorbing and rewarding drawing can be as you learn how to capture life on paper. This course suits anyone looking for some expert help and a creative outlet.

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