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Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Learn and develop core competence in digital manufacturing and industry 4.0 with this free online course on Alison.

Publisher: Adebayo Bamidele Olanrewaju
Equip yourself with this online digital manufacturing course in which you will learn the different methodologies that will enable you to transform your industrial processes and drive values through digital innovations. By the end of the course, you will understand how manufacturing is evolving with advances in digital-based technologies and acquire skills that will enable you to prepare or advance your career within global digital technologies.
Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0
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Manufacturing industries worldwide have been transforming how products are designed and produced through digital manufacturing innovations. The drastic shift from paper-based to digital processes has been the main change in the manufacturing industry. This course will therefore help you understand what digital manufacturing is and how it impacts careers, practices and processes in large and small companies.

Next, you will gain insight into technology's role in transitioning from paper-based to digital manufacturing systems. The technology we use daily, including communicating with friends and family, purchasing and making products or streaming online entertaining videos, can be improved by adopting digital manufacturing processes, making companies and workers more competitive, agile and productive. As career paths in advanced manufacturing evolve, you will learn how this new digital approach to making products makes companies more responsive to changes and employees more engaged.

Whether you're a recent graduate exploring a manufacturing career or an experienced professional who wants to understand the newest manufacturing technologies, this course provides a foundation for how digital advances are changing the landscape and capabilities of manufacturing industries. The contents of this course touch on Industry 4.0 and its various components, which include digital design practices, the concept of a smart factory, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digital twin and data security. So wait no more and become proficient in digital manufacturing.

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