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Developing Quality Customer Service Skills

Learn the important skills to deliver excellent customer service in this free online customer service training course.

Publisher: Sherique Dill
This free online course is for those who are interested in learning to become customer service representatives or are seeking to improve their skills. This customer service certification will teach you the important skills you need to learn and practice to become excellent at customer service. You will learn how to develop the right attitudes toward relating with customers, the general dos and don’ts and importance of making a good impression.
Developing Quality Customer Service Skills
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The advent of social media has drastically changed how organizations carry out their business; on digital platforms, customers have the power to make or break a business. They can provide reviews or feedback anytime and anywhere and they can access what other customers have to say, worldwide. A customer service representative also called a “customer service rep” is there to serve the customer or client in whatever niche they are. Your ultimate goal is to solve problems competently and with discretion. You will learn the important skills needed for customer service such as time management, effective communication, following through with tasks, attentiveness, etc. and the role each skill plays in delivering a quality customer experience.

You will also learn the things you should not be doing or saying which could damage the relationship you are working on maintaining with the customer. As part of learning how to improve customer service, you will be taught how to develop a good attitude and outlook in order to handle the pressure that may arise when trying to solve issues for your customers. Sometimes situations may arise such as having to deal with a ringing phone at the same time as a walk-in customer. Since both require your attention and are important, you will learn the strategies for managing them including how to use technology such as the auto-attendant for customers on the phone. The final section of this customer service training program, you will learn the professional dress code for customer service. The first point of contact in an establishment is the customer service rep, and an appropriate, neat and decent appearance will give a good impression to the customer. As the ‘face’ of the business, you will learn the guidelines for taking care of your hygiene and dressing. Also discussed are things to avoid so as not to give the wrong impression to customers. 

Customer service can be found in nearly every single industry and organization from tech companies to nonprofits and there are specific critical skills you need to master as someone in customer services. You should enrol in this course if you deal with customers, or you are seeking to become professional in the industry and want to refine your technical and interpersonal skills.

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