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Beginner English 110

This free online course explains the present simple and present continuous tense and vocabulary relating to weather.

Publisher: Advance Learning
This English course is the tenth course in a thirteen-part series covering basic grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Compare the present simple and present continuous tenses and learn all the language needed to discuss the weather. This course will help your confidence when asking ‘wh’- questions relating to the weather. Discover what is meant by the present participle, which is the form of the verb that ends in ‘-ing’.
Beginner English 110
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If you are looking to master English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary at a basic level, this set of courses will help you reach your goal. ‘Beginner English 110’ is the tenth course in a series of thirteen courses that elaborates on the skills you have acquired in ‘Beginner English 101’ through to ‘Beginner English 109’. Each course is broken up into three topics, concentrating on pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, which are the building blocks of the English language.

The first topic discusses syllables. A syllable usually has a vowel and one or more consonants. This is followed by explaining the letter ‘-y’ or the final /y/ sound. The letter ‘-y’ can be either a consonant or a vowel. Following this, you will focus on grammar. We discuss action verbs and stative verbs before describing the present simple, which depicts an action happening now. Next, the course moves to the present participle, which adds an ‘-ing’ after the verb. Finally, the present continuous tense describes an action that is in progress. You will learn all these tenses and their forms.

The course’s final section outlines all the weather-related vocabulary and the seasons. Learn the terms for seasonal clothing and discover how to start conversations and ask questions relating to climate. Understand what season relates to what month and how this differs between countries. If you are looking to take your language skills to the next level and expand on your conversational English, this tenth course in the series is for you. Don’t hesitate, enrol today!

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