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7-Day Pilates Challenge: 15-Minute Workouts

Increase core strength with pilates, improve flexibility and shape your body with the help of this free online course.

Publisher: Balımser Elif Atay
In this free online course, you will dive into the world of Pilates. This 7-day challenge will help you fall in love with this popular physical fitness system, and with some dedication and will, it will soon become a part of your daily fitness routine. These 15-minute videos consist of workouts designed for any age and fitness level, but before your first exercise video, you will be introduced to the principles of Pilates. Enroll and enjoy!
7-Day Pilates Challenge: 15-Minute Workouts
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In this free online course, you will discover the amazing benefits of Pilates, a physical fitness system created by Joseph Pilates. Even though we are talking about the previous century, the benefits on physical and mental health remain the same, and because of that more and more people use these methods to improve their core strength, flexibility, posture, and mood. This 7-day challenge will show you how "addictive" Pilates can be, and how you can shape your body and have fun at the same time with only 15 minutes a day. In the first topic of the course, before we focus on actual physical exercises, we will cover the nine principles that were formed as this fitness system gained momentum in the early 20th century. Breathing, concentration, control, and centering are just some of them, as well as rhythm and flow, which create smooth, graceful, and functional movements.

In the next topic, the first four days of this 7-day pilates challenge are covered, and in the first video, you will do roll down, single leg circles, spine stretch, and side bend exercises. Sounds good? If so, you will love the second day, where you will do routines called marching, toe taps, hundred, bridging, and spine stretch. Following that, you will learn more interesting exercises like opposite arm leg lift, side-lying inner tight lift, spine twist, ab curl, oblique reach, side leg lift, swan, breaststroke, and saw. The last topic focuses on the last three days of this challenge, and here you will enjoy exercises that could become some of your favorites: single leg stretch, oblique lift, and side bend. We will wrap up everything with hip circles, sidekicks, and clam workouts.

No matter if you already did Pilates, or you are a total beginner, you will be thrilled with the effect of these videos. It is no secret why Pilates is popular across the world - it decreases stress, it is safe if done right, the exercises are low impact, and people of every age enjoy it. What you are about to do is included in programs many fitness centers, private studios, rehabilitation clinics, and hospitals use to help their clients. If you want to become fit and strong, or if you simply want to maintain your good shape and you enjoy the feeling physical activity gives you, this course is for you. The best thing of all is, a minimum amount of accessories is needed to enjoy Pilates and its benefits. If you have a mat, towel, and pillow, you are good to go. So, why wait? Start this free course today, invest in your physical and mental well-being, roll out your mat and enjoy this 7-day pilates challenge.

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