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Human & Emotion is an e-learning, consulting and leadership development company. It is dedicated to the upliftment of all in the business world. It has delivered different courses across several international platforms, with more than 100 000 students from more than 150 countries across the world. As leadership and development experts, the team's experience covers a wide range of topics including motivational speaking, white paper documents, cultural management, leadership and soft skills training at various global organisations. Human & Emotion has managed the entire merger process of two organisations, including working with HR operations and the admin, systems, compliance, project allocation, legal and auditing departments. The company was the lead internal audit for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 of the location and was responsible for integration with the corporation. It was also the lead ISO 27001 representative and HR trainer at a global level for locations like India, South Africa, the UK, Australia and the USA.

Human & Emotion's expertise includes promoting business effectiveness and customer services as part of a holistic organisation and development intervention. They have designed a human resources connect framework to institutionalize structured HR and guidelines to facilitate member-to-member connections. They constantly conduct benchmarking exercises to set the standard of assessment that is required. They provide feedback and insights about organizational development, structure and proactively predict outcomes and prescribe actions to ensure smooth operations. The team also promotes cross-skilling and leadership development of resources for maximum use and growth of all individuals. Their competence lies in the drafting and implementation of new policies to ensure a change in management runs smoothly. They work directly with the delivery manager, PMO and QMG to identify the issues and help implement corrective measures. They review project deliverables and ensure timely delivery and adherence to standards, including process improvement and QA/audit activities.

As learning and development specialists, Human & Emotion feel responsible that their instruction is of a high standard. Training content development includes user manual and programme design. They encourage the training needs analysis in functional, behavioural and leadership areas across all areas. The preparation of a training calendar includes classroom, workshop, online and on-the-job training. They monitor training dissemination and conduct model training sessions. Training feedback and effectiveness measurement are integrated with PMS and career plans. Human & Emotion have an assessment centre that includes psychometric tests, assignments and automation/recording of training modules. They ensure the development of training programmes for ongoing business needs using robust principles of instructional design. Their management development programmes for leaders and managers, and the fresher/apprentice programme include the use of the BOPT (biologically oriented preparation technique).

Free, Online Courses Created by Human & Emotion

  • Diploma Diploma in Leadership and Management Styles

    Diploma in Leadership and Management Styles

    10-15 hrs
    In this free online course, study management and leadership principles and how to apply them in business management.
  • Certificate Strategic Human Resource Management and Development

    Strategic Human Resource Management and Development

    4-5 hrs
    Learn to effectively manage human resources to improve productivity and encourage success with this free online course.
  • Diploma Diploma in Talent Development and Management

    Diploma in Talent Development and Management

    6-10 hrs
    Discover the strategies needed to sharpen your leadership and management abilities with this free online course.
  • Certificate Leadership and Management for Managers

    Leadership and Management for Managers

    4-5 hrs
    Acquire the managerial and leadership skills you need to boost your performance as a manager in this free online course.
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