A Cryptocurrency Masterclass

Master the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency exchange and understand its various options in this free online course.

Publisher: Daksh Murkute
This free online masterclass on cryptocurrency will give you a foothold in and foundational knowledge of the crypto market, and help you begin your investing journey. The course will explain why now is the perfect time to start investing in cryptocurrencies and how to both secure and store your investments for long-term capital gains. You will learn to use the exchanges and financial systems to increase your working capital and overall net worth.
A Cryptocurrency Masterclass
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This masterclass will break down the cryptocurrency financial market and help you explore and capitalize on the opportunities available in this booming industry. A new age with a new financial system has begun, and now is the time to get in and take hold of the early investor’s advantage. This course will teach you what you need to kickstart your investment journey and propel you into online investing and accumulating digital assets. You will learn to distinguish between cryptocurrency and your current fiats (legal tender that is connected to a government-issued currency) and discover why the current system has disadvantages. Go on to discuss the possible pending financial crisis and how the consistent printing of money and inflation of the US dollar (and other fiats) could collapse the global economy unless a solution is found. That ‘solution’ could be cryptos.

The course will break down the first-generation cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, revealing what it is used for, and its advantages and limitations. It will explain how second-generation cryptos, called Altcoins and including Ethereum, came about and how they looked at resolving issues and improving on the first-generation digital currencies. Analyze why now is the right time to start investing. Having both the early adaptor’s advantage with new currencies and having a basic understanding of eliminating and categorizing cryptos will allow you to choose the best investments for your long-term strategy.

The material you study will cover more than the basic knowledge. The easy-to-understand information includes learning what ‘halving’ is, picking the correct cryptocurrency exchange for your needs, and buying Bitcoin. You will know how to store your cryptocurrencies within a ‘wallet’ and see how your funds can be secured using two-factor authentication technology, which will keep hackers at bay and make sure your investment portfolio stays safe and prospers. This course is applicable to anyone who would like to either improve their financial knowledge or grasp some of the most talked-about topics around cryptocurrencies. It, most importantly, also aims to get you to a point where you are comfortable taking your first steps into the cryptocurrency investing world!

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