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In a world where knowledge & skills are expanding at an unprecedented fast rate, a new universal standardised approach to accreditation is needed to allow everyone share in the tremendous wave of learning opportunity before us.

Alison’s system of Accreditation allows anyone, anywhere, at any time, to certify and verify what someone knows or does not know. No piece of certificate paper is necessary to gain confidence about what someone tells you they know or understand. With Alison, you can instantly review the level of the course someone has done, or even review the entire course if you so chose. You can take the tests that others have taken, or watch them take these same tests to prove what they know, as these tests can be given quickly and efficiently. This “Here and Now” testing was simply not possible before the development of two recent technologies: the ubiquitous internet, and the smartphone. As everyone becomes connected to the one network, the sources of knowledge and learning, and ready assessments to test same can be accessed in an instant.

How the Alison Accreditation System works

You can achieve and earn various levels of Alison Certification, namely, Certificate, Diploma or Learning Path levels. What an Alison graduate must always be aware of is how easily a prospective employer, recruiter, or work colleague can challenge an Alison graduate to demonstrate they hold and retain the level of learning that they profess.

Unlike traditional education institutions which expect employers to respect the currency of accreditations which are decades old (when the knowledge is often long gone from former student heads), an Alison accreditation is always current and can be challenged.

Alison Certificate

The Alison Academy

The Alison Academy is a separate organisation within Alison that sets the standard for all Alison learning. Led by a team of traditionally qualified pedagogic specialists and masters and doctorate level, they evaluate all courses published on the Alison free learning platform to make sure they adhere to an appropriate high standard.

The Alison Academy

Alison works with subject-matter-expert on every subject for which it publishes content. Our approach is to start with one subject-matterexpert or expert group or organisation, and then open out the setting of appropriate standards for a subject across a wider expert group. The proof of the currency and value of Alison Accredited courses is with the employers who recognise the value of the knowledge and skills of our learners who study with us and pass our assessments. By working with a universally wide body of subject-matter-experts, Alison can accredit courses on every subject.

Where it is possible to do so, we match the standard of learning, whether at Certificate, Diploma, or Learning Path level with national and other international standards. By using our own accreditation methodology, we believe we can achieve the same, if not higher standards of accreditation across all subject offerings, offer more speedy develop of new courses, and above all, provide free access to the study of subjects to anyone who wishes to learn.

With 1.5 million graduates, clearly there are a lot of people in the world happy with the standards we set. If we did not boldly set forth to create our own standards, the alternative would be to pay third party organisations to accredit all the courses we publish. This would not only be prohibitively expensive, leading to us being unable to provide our learning for free, but also, it would be logistically very difficult as we aim to publish and accredit several hundred courses per week in the near future. There are very few accreditation agencies, national or international that could handle this volume of course creation and accreditation.

National and International Standards

Where possible, Alison matches its free courses with other international standards or standards which are national of industry based. In no case, unless specifically stated, do we ever represent that Alison Accreditation replaces or substitutes other standards or qualifications. Alison learning achievements are separately recognised. As we have grown, particularly in countries such as the UK, USA and India where Alison has millions of learners, our awards are attracting ever more support at an employer level. The attraction of our learning to employers is compelling: free learning for employers, free certification and access to a very broad range of free courses, anytime, anywhere.

To a local government or employer, what is most important? Where someone learned their knowledge or skill, or whether the person truly knows what they say they know when they say it? Does it matter that the learner learned for free instead of indebting themselves paying for over-priced education or training?

Where Alison does not state on its course description pages its own assessment of how our courses match to a particular standard of learning in your country, please contact our pedagogic team for feedback.

Strengths and limitations of Alison Accreditation

Where Alison comes into its own is fact-based learning. While Wikipedia makes available the world’s information in a two dimensional format, Alison takes the knowledge of the world and provides it in a format such that the knowledge and skills can be progressively learned as efficiently as possible.

Without question, some learning is however experiential. It is hard to understand a chemistry reaction without seeing it first hand in a laboratory, something that Alison is very unlikely to ever provide.

Similarly, peer to peer learning one to one, face to face is hard to completely replace online. For advanced learning, personal tutoring is often essential. Be assured, that no one at Alison is intending to accept the services of an exclusively online trained surgeon just yet!

Our goal at Alison is to ensure that courses at a basic, elementary and intermediate levels of learning are available for every subject. Once comprehensively provided, we’ll then move progressively up the learning chain to higher and higher levels of learning.” Our aim is to make sure that learning across all subjects is provided such that everyone worldwide, not least those described as being “Bottom of the Pyramid” economically, can access the education and skills training they need to empower themselves and their communities to greater prosperity and equality.

Scalable Lifelong Learning for All

While Alison currently provides approximately over one thousand free courses, our aim is to provide 100’s of thousands of high-quality free courses in the years ahead. We aim to create “verticals” of learning on every subject, from elementary, beginners, intermediate, proficiency to advanced learning so that anyone can educate themselves on a subject at whatever level they chose.

No Borders Free Education & Skills Training

Alison’s aim is to create universal standards of education and learning on every subject at every level. Our view is that the world of learning basically needs to be reset, as education in the past has been allowed to be politicised, leading to varying standards of education in virtually every country, and within countries, often within various national states and cities. Our view is that access to knowledge and skill should be available to everyone regardless of nationality. Educations and Skills training should be a universal opportunity of empowerment.

Harnessing the “Power of the Crowd”

The Alison Accreditation Model is empowered by the “Power of the Crowd” where the learner, platform and publisher are evaluated constantly by each other, forcing the learning content to improve if it in any way falls short. If Alison publishes a course any day that contains errors, it receives almost instantaneous feedback from the thousands of people who quickly access the course. Similarly, a supplier/user dynamic keeps quality assured in services such as UBER and AirBnB.

Around the world, people are moving away from taking the opinion of an institution over the power (or voice) of the crowd. Take Trip Advisor for instance. The last time you went to book a hotel in a city you had never been to, did you look up to see if that hotel was certified by a local or national hotel federation, or did you look up its rating on Trip Advisor? If you are like most people, you looked up Trip Advisor. Why? Because TripAdvisor provided opinion from a wide range of people who had experienced the product or service very recently. Similarly, we want learning that is up-to-date and is assessed by many people, not just one individual.

Increase Capacity

Increase Capacity

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Uber enable drivers with cars to bring extra capacity into the transport/taxi business worldwide.

Uber is policed in large by Buyer & Seller reporting - the driver rates the passenger and the passenger rates the driver - self-policing process.

AirBnB enables house and apartment owners to bring extra capacity into the accommodation business worldwide.

AirBnB is policed in large part by Buyer & Seller reporting - the host rate the guest and the guest rate the host - self-policing process.

Alison enables those that can teach or publish to bring extra teaching capacity into the education and training business worldwide.

Alison Publishing is policed in large by Buyer & Seller reporting - the publisher is rated by the learner, and Alison together with the learner makes sure the publisher is creating quality learning material.


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