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Free Online Microsoft Courses

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Our free courses on Microsoft programs include lessons on Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and much more. These courses have been broken down to suit your study needs. ‘Certificate courses’ are shorter and can generally be completed in about half a day while ‘diploma courses’ could take a few days and provide a more detailed look at the subject. Choose the course type that will help you learn what you need to know about Microsoft, whether to improve your chances of landing an administrative job or a secretarial position, allow you to make more impressive MS PowerPoint presentations or amp up your MS Excel skills for a financial or data-analysis role.

Top Free Online Microsoft Courses

Learn MS Word

Every day, millions of letters, essays, court documents, lesson plans, books, theses, CVs and more are created in MS Word. This word-processing program allows you to produce professional looking documents that are easy to edit, customize and share. Easy to learn for the creation of basic text documents, Microsoft Word allows you to type letters, essays, reports, transcripts, plays, poems, wills and whatever other documents you need for your professional, academic or personal life. Your next step is to take an advanced Word course so that you can upgrade your skills to do things like complex formatting, tracking multiple changes by different users, managing files efficiently and even automating repetitive tasks, which is very useful if you have to create large amounts of similar documents like invoices, contracts or rosters. No matter what career path you take, a solid grounding in Microsoft Word is essential. Even jobs that are more manual or artisanal – like construction or plumbing – will benefit if you are able to produce neat reports, documents and receipts for your clients. Alison has numerous free options for Microsoft Word courses, covering all versions of the program and all levels of users, from absolute beginners to advanced.

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Master MS Office

MS Office is a collection of Microsoft programs that is useful to anyone working with large amounts of data or copy. MS 365 is the subscription version of MS Office. So, while MS Office is a once-off purchase but does not update automatically, MS 365 costs a small monthly subscription and makes the latest versions of all programs available. The skills used for each are the same so if you do a MS Office course, you will be able to use MS 365. In both Office and 365, the following are available: Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Publisher, OneDrive and OneNote. ‘Access’ is an easy way to manage big amounts of data. If you are writing a book or thesis, or doing complex research, using Access is a major benefit. ‘Outlook’ is MS’s email option but offers so much more: an online calendar, to-do lists with automatic reminders, and contacts. ‘Publisher’ is invaluable if you want to create documents like pamphlets, flyers, menus, posters and invitations. ‘OneDrive’ is a way to store your data online, which is valuable if you work remotely or need to access large files from anywhere.

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How to Use MS Access

Researchers, marketers, retailers, recruiters and anyone else who handles large amounts of complex information will benefit from our free courses on Microsoft Access. This program allows you to create and manage your own databases, and is part of the MS365 and Office packages. Once you have mastered MS Access, you will be able to manage high volumes of information for future reference, immediate reporting and detailed analysis – all without having any specialist database development skills. Our free courses will explain how it differs from MS Excel, which is centered on using spreadsheets to perform calculations and represent figures and other data in a visual way. When you have completed an Access course, you will know how to search your databases easily, share them with multiple users simultaneously (ideal if you are working remotely), scale them up to match the size of your organization and save all your work via the Cloud-based integrations. To learn the full advantages of MS Access, sign up and start studying today.

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Pivot Tables and Formulas in MS Excel

This is the world’s most-used spreadsheet program. Horizontal and vertical blocks allow you to input written and numerical data, and then organize it according to various equations. ‘Pivot tables’ allow you to extract specific information, reorganize it and do advanced calculations. You should master MS Excel if you want to keep track of expenditure, revenue, stock, personnel, and large lists with many sub-lists.

Professional Presentations with MS PowerPoint

Used by trainers, teachers, lecturers and even TED Talk speakers, PowerPoint is an easy system for creating presentations or slideshows that include graphs, images, videos and text. Being able to produce a slick and exciting PowerPoint presentation will allow you to impart large amounts of information in a visual way.

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Video conferencing with Microsoft Teams

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses and organizations to conduct meetings online. Naturally, Microsoft Teams is popular for its efficiency and ease of use. Find out how to get the most out of virtual meetings with these practical courses.

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