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Arabic Letters: Thaa2 (ث) and Noon ( ن )

Master the Arabic letters ‘Thaa2 (ث)’ and ‘Noon (ن)’, which correspond to 'Th’ and ‘N', in this free online course.

Publisher: Muhammad Elshanawy
Arabic is one of six languages mandated by the United Nations and is the second-most difficult language for English-speakers to learn. ‘Thaa2 (ث)’ is the fourth letter of the Arabic alphabet and has the same sound as 'Th' in English. ‘Noon (ن)’ is the twenty-fifth letter and sounds similar to the English ‘N’. Continue your journey to fluency in Arabic by investigating and mastering the use of these two important letters.
Arabic Letters: Thaa2 (ث) and Noon ( ن )
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Did you know that in Arabic, words always begin with a consonant and end with a vowel? In this way, it's very different from most English words that feature two consonants and sometimes silent letters. This free online course teaches you how to use the fourth and twenty-fifth letters of the Arabic alphabet.

We begin with 'Thaa2 (ث)', the fourth letter, which sounds like the English 'Th'. We examine 'Thaa2 (ث)’ with short and long vowels and explain its use with Tanween Fat7ah, Damah and Kasrah. The course shows you how to write the letter depending on its position in a word.

We then move on to the twenty-fifth letter in Arabic: ‘Noon (ن)’. Once again, we analyze it with short and long vowels, as well as with Tanween. Arabic letters can have four different forms depending on their position in a word. We explain how the letter links to those before or after it. This course suits anyone who wants to explore the beauties of Arabic by learning the letters ‘Thaa2 (ث)’ and ‘Noon (ن)’.

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