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Advanced Diploma in Basics of Electrical Technology and Circuit Analysis

This free online course evaluates relevant theories, concepts and applications related to electrical technology.

Publisher: ADU
Imagine living a life without electricity. What happens to the heating we use to keep warm, or the air conditioning in our homes and offices? How do we even illuminate our environment at night? Learn about relevant theories, concepts, and applications of electricity that give rise to electrical technologies we always depend on. It is necessary to equip learners with the knowledge of electrical technology. Begin your next learning journey today!
Advanced Diploma in Basics of Electrical Technology and Circuit Analysis
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Diploma in Electrical Technology is an extensively researched course, specially developed for learners interested in the much-sought applications of electricity. You will require aspects of this diploma to begin and sustain a globally qualitative career in electrical and electronics technology. You will also need its content to refresh your knowledge in the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out among colleagues. Learn all about standards for safely handling electric sources, circuits, as well as various components including resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Upon successfully completing this diploma, you will be able to command globally standardized safety procedures for preventing electrical emergencies arising from electric fires, fatal shock, and grounding faults. What are you waiting for and why would you miss this opportunity to become a better professional today? Begin discussing theories with a great sense of authority as soon as you enrol into this free online course.

Students, technicians, and professionals in the industry often find it difficult to recall electrical parameters when they are required for different reasons. This may include basic parameters covering voltage, power, direct or alternating current and even polarity. Avoid this by taking this course to remind yourself of basic electrical parameters along with their workings and varying applications. Also, study important illustrations describing atomic and subatomic particles obeying various scientific laws that give rise to the fundamental principles of electricity. Did you know that electric power is equally as important as its efficient transmission? Learn all about these important characteristics of electrical technology through scientific theorems. These include Thevenin’s Theorem, Norton’s Theorem, and Millaman’s Theorem. You would be able to easily state these theorems correctly when you are successfully done taking this course. By doing so, it is expected that you would find comparative analyses of their applications easy in real-life situations.

Electricians are encouraged to improve their skills and techniques through courses like this diploma in order to stay updated with new electronic global standards. This course maintains current knowledge circulated among electric and electronics communities. Avoid those embarrassing moments many technicians face in troubleshooting new electronic devices. As a technician, keeping up to date with new devices and their workings has become a necessity. Science and engineering instructors in universities have relevant learning points to acquire and disseminate to their students in order to make them globally competitive. Also, every learner, irrespective of the area of specialization, should be able to analyze the basic workings of distinct electronic devices including light bulbs, couch massage technology, and induction cookers after enrolling. Wouldn’t you want to know how your fruits and vegetables stay fresh in your refrigerator? Begin an extensive learning journey into the important world of electric and electronic technologies today!

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