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Free UK Apprenticeship Courses

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Employers and job seekers are quickly spotting the benefits of apprenticeships. The UK government offers grants to encourage companies to go down this route, as part of its ‘Plan for Jobs’. The aim is to deliver those skills employers and the economy need to grow. If you want to get onto the career ladder, there is likely to be an apprenticeship to suit you. You may be a school leaver, aiming for an Intermediate or level 2 apprenticeship which is the equivalent of GCSEs. An Advanced apprenticeship at level 3 is the ticket if you want the equivalent of 2 A levels. These are the most popular apprenticeships. For those who don’t want to go to university but want to train for one of the professions while earning, Higher apprenticeships (level 4, 5, 6 and 7) are the equivalent of a foundation degree or higher. 

There are apprenticeships in everything from adult care to zookeeping. It’s not surprising that women are almost as likely as men to take up apprenticeships in the UK. Popular fields include health and social care, business administration, retail and commercial and the traditional trades like construction, plumbing and electrical. Our UK Apprenticeships Hub features a selection of theory courses but if you don’t see what you are looking for here, explore the rest of Alison.com. With over 3,000 courses, all completely free, and more being added every day, there is every chance we will have what you need. Alison’s free online courses are accredited by the independent UK body CPD. All you need to do is register your Alison account, enrol in the course you want to do and take the first steps up that ladder. 

Top Free Online UK Apprenticeships Courses


For plumbing contractors through to the self-employed plumber doing domestic work, you need to know your apprentice is getting accurate, up to date off-the-job training. With Alison’s plumbing courses, you can select the specific subject matter you need, to supplement what you are teaching them in person. They can learn the basics of plumbing, pipes and fixtures and tools and drawings from our introductory courses. More advanced courses cover topics such as tool safety and the advantages of different types of materials for pipes, as well as drainage and water distribution systems.  


Let us take care of training your carpentry and joinery apprentices so they have a well-rounded grounding in the trade. In our introductory courses they will learn about the different types of wood and engineered wood as well as fasteners and anchoring systems. They will discover how to estimate the quantity of timber needed for a job. Working safely is vital and that is covered, along with the tools used for different jobs. The courses also cover building staircases of different shapes and sizes, along with doors. As they progress, they will study construction plans, specifications and elevations and learn about flooring systems and wall and roof frames. By following our bespoke carpentry courses, your apprentice will acquire the knowledge they need to back up the useful skills they are learning at work.


Electrical apprenticeships are in high demand and Alison.com is happy to step in to support you with training your apprentice. While you provide them with practical experience, our experts will teach them how to work safely and about electrical circuits, covering Ohm’s Law and Kirchoff’s Law. They will learn the basics of scale drawings, plans and diagrams and test equipment like the voltmeter, ohmmeter and multimeter. The end result will be a good working knowledge of installing, repairing and maintaining electrical systems. Alison’s courses also cover many aspects of working with electricity in a marine setting. Your apprentice can take as many courses as they like, for free, and gain certification by passing the end-of-course assessments.


Your apprentices learn the skills of the trade on the job but give them a grounding that will see them reach their full potential with our free online construction courses. These range from our basic masonry course which teaches the difference between building with bricks, blocks and stones and how to achieve straight lines both horizontally and vertically. Site safety is a key topic and your apprentice will learn about the importance of working safely on the ground and while erecting and dismantling scaffolding as well as on demolition jobs. There are more advanced courses on finishing a build and construction methodology too. Alison’s courses include AutoCAD, for those who wish to learn how to create 3D plans, right through to structural engineering courses. 

Business Administration

More and more people are beginning their careers in Business Administration by way of apprenticeships. While your apprentice receives specific on-the-job training in the skills you require, they can study different aspects of the business and administration right here. Alison’s free online business administration courses cover many of the core aspects of business operations. If your apprentice is starting out as an office junior, you will find courses that will teach them the basics of organisation, resource and time management, and how to take minutes of meetings. If you are looking for more advanced training, our experts provide courses on management skills, business law, human resources and corporate social responsibility, at no cost to you or your organisation. And speaking of money, we can also help your apprentices learn the basics of bookkeeping and accounting. 

Retail and Commercial Enterprise

There are thousands of apprenticeship programmes in the Retail and Commercial Enterprise sector, taking in everything from beauty to deliveries to hospitality. With our free online courses, your apprentices can access training on customer service, shop management, sales and more. They can learn what makes modern consumers tick. If you are in the food business, we can train your apprentice in food safety and hygiene. Whatever line of work you are in, from dog grooming to interior design, you should find a course to suit right here on Alison.com. 


Give your apprentice care workers the opportunity to grow their careers with our free online training programmes. Whether yours is a residential setting, a day centre, or a clinical healthcare setting they can learn best practice for working with the elderly, or adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems or addictions. While they can learn the basics of helping their charges with personal care and basic activities like eating and mobility on the job, our experts will teach them about their legal and ethical responsibilities. They can learn about common mental and physical difficulties that come with ageing, as well as different types of dementia. You want your apprentice to learn how to keep themselves and their charges safe and our courses on preventing the spread of infection, safeguarding vulnerable adults and back care for those who are required to do manual handling, are essential. Your apprentices can do as many courses as you wish them to and gain certification by passing the assessments.

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