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Career and Technical Education

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While many homeschoolers proceed to university, not everyone wants to pursue academic career paths. A major element of any homeschooling program should focus on preparing students for their future in the world of work. We have gathered some in-demand vocational courses for students who wish to pursue traditional trades such as plumbing and carpentry. The digital technology sector is vast and welcoming to people with a natural aptitude for coding and students can get a solid grounding in programming with our free homeschool programs. There are thousands of courses available on Alison.com, with more being added every week. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, do a search on the website.

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Top Free Online Homeschool Career and Technical Education Courses


If you are good with your hands, why not consider one of the traditional trades such as plumbing, electrical work, carpentry or masonry? You can choose to work in a team on large commercial or public projects or aim to become self-employed and focus on domestic homes. You can specialize in creating hand-crafted furniture, become the go-to person when a wiring job is more complex than usual, or be part of the team that makes an architect’s designs a reality. People often enter this field through an apprenticeship.

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The Food Industry

The hospitality industry is a huge employer across the States and can open the door to careers in catering, fine dining and everything in between. You might become a development chef, creating new dishes for a restaurant or food producer, or work in the public health sector, enforcing high standards of hygiene. This menu is far from exhaustive.

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Thinking of going into clerical work or some other job where you need admin skills? Having a good knowledge of popular software programs will give you a head start. Learn to use Microsoft Office 365, master spreadsheets and become a PowerPoint maestro with some of our courses.

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Computer Science

Would you like to work as a computer programmer, an app developer or perhaps in the exciting world of cybersecurity? There are endless career paths to choose from in the digital era. We included some coding courses in the Homeschool Electives section but there are so many more to choose from. Whether you want to get an idea of what is involved in a particular field, or want to begin a serious study that could help launch your future career, there are free IT courses available here and throughout Alison.com. Why not explore UX or UI design, to make a new generation of easy-to-use apps, or how about a course in cryptocurrency? You may find the time spent learning is the best investment you’ll ever make!

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Creative Careers

Do you have an eye for style? Do you enjoy working on creative projects? Coming up with solutions to design problems may be the career for you. Train in makeup or fashion, take a course in interior or garden design or if you have a penchant for pooches, brush up on the latest dog grooming techniques right here! 

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Health and Care

Whether you are interested in nursing or becoming a caregiver for the elderly, children or people with physical or learning disabilities, we have dozens of worthwhile courses for you to choose from. Or how about physiotherapy, or assisting a dentist or pharmacist? This is a small selection of courses to give you a flavour of what is available on Alison.com.

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