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Homeschool English, Languages and Visual & Performing Arts

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Whether your strength is in writing, music, acting or languages, you will find lots to entertain and challenge you here. Express your creativity, improve your writing skills and sharpen your critical faculties with our English courses. Broaden your horizons and learn about different cultures as you take up a new language. Or explore the many facets of the dramatic arts and learn to express yourself in our acting series. You will learn new skills and techniques in our art and design courses and best of all, you don’t even need to be artistically talented to create something that is beautiful, worthwhile and reflective of who you are!

Top Free Online Homeschool English and Languages Courses

English Language and Literature

The ability to express yourself clearly is important, not just for educational purposes but for life in general. Alison’s free online English courses cover a broad range of topics and the list is growing every day. Here we include courses that will equip homeschoolers to understand the basics of English grammar, write well and give critical analysis of different types of literature.

Have a look at our English Language Hub for more options, including many courses for non-native English speakers. 

Second Language

Learning a second language can make you smarter and better at communicating, researchers have found. High School students should aim for at least two years of studying a foreign language, with three years being recommended. Our free online language courses include French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and Japanese. With more courses being added every month, look out for more language courses becoming available.

Visit our Languages Hub for further options.

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Visual Arts

All pupils should try to have at least one year of arts classes, to develop their creativity, their critical thinking and their ability to express themselves. Choose from our broad range of courses, including photography, which often appeals to learners who may not consider themselves to be creative. Along with traditionally drawing skills, we've included some in-demand anime classes for fans of the Japanese comic book style.

See our Art and Design Hub for more courses.


For the musicians in the family, we cover everything from classical to modern music and from theory to hands-on practical lessons. Our offer includes a selection from Open Yale. And if you want to write music for films or video games, you’ve come to the right place. Have a look at our Traditional Irish Music Hub for practical lessons in seven instruments as well as singing which are perfect whether you like folk, country or a spot of bluegrass!

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Budding actors will love our performing arts courses.  If you dream of a career on screen or Broadway, find out how to go about it in our acting courses with Emma Paunil. You can find out about writing for the stage or screen as well. And if you believe laughter is the best medicine, why not treat yourself to a dose of our stand-up comedy course.


While fine art generally involves creating a piece of work for its own sake, design tends to involve creativity with a purpose. Develop your ability to solve problems and work out solutions while expressing your ideas in our design courses. These include industry standard software programmes from Adobe, our popular graphic design courses and others that could set you on course for a career as a fashion designer or someone who creates amazing spaces, indoors or outdoors! See our Art and Design Hub for lots more inspiration.

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