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Is it ‘there’, ‘their’, or ‘they’re’?  Do you mean ‘here’, ‘hair’ or ‘hare’? How can ‘flat’ have two different meanings? English is a difficult language to learn, full of strange spellings and weird pronunciations. Why do ‘threw’ and ‘through’ sound the same but are spelled differently?  Did you know they also have different meanings? Our free English language courses will help you with sentence structure, spelling, idioms and much more to sound like a native speaker in no time.

Free Basic English Courses

What is ‘basic English’? ‘Basic English’ is a very specific form of the English language created in the 1920s by a British linguist. At Alison, basic English means being able to communicate on a simple level so that you can make yourself understood. This section is for beginners who are just starting to learn English. In these courses, you will study everyday phrases and master different parts like verbs, nouns, tenses, adjectives, and adverbs. You will be able to have simple conversations, read basic texts, and write proper sentences.  These are important skills if you’re studying, writing research, pitching a screenplay, or applying for a job in English.  After you perfect basic English, you can move onto our free courses in the intermediate and advanced levels to increase your skills.


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Free Intermediate English Courses

The word ‘intermediate’ means to come between two related things or levels.  The intermediate English courses are a bridge between the basic courses and the advanced courses.  This section will build on the knowledge of basic English and prepare you for advanced topics. The intermediate courses will help you level-up your English.  Your conversation skills will increase and you will be able to have longer and more meaningful conversations with other English speakers.  You will also be able to read and understand longer texts and write full paragraphs to express your ideas.  Additional verb forms, higher level vocabulary, and new grammar are among the topics covered at this level. After completing the intermediate level, you can move onto our free courses in the advanced level to increase your skills even more.   

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Free Advanced English Courses

The goal of many English learners is to speak at a near-native level.  When learning a new language, everyone starts with the basics; however, not everyone will continue learning to reach the advanced level.  Congratulations on making it this far!  This section will review and build on your previous knowledge from basic and intermediate level courses. Advanced level English courses cover the most difficult topics while also deepening your understanding of ones that you have previously studied.  At the advanced level, you will be able to watch films, listen to music, and read books in English.  You will also be able to converse with other people smoothly and with little hesitation.  Topics from previous levels will be explored in depth and you will be introduced to their advanced uses and constructions. Upon completion of the advance, you can continue your study with free specialized courses. 

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English for Work

The English you use with friends and family is very different from the type of English you use with clients and colleagues. Depending on what industry you go into, you will have to learn a more formal way of speaking and understand vocabularly specific to that industry (this is called 'jargon' or words that are used in a certain way in a certain field). To help you, Alison has free courses in travel, hospitality, business and even journalism.  If you are a second-language English speaker facing a job interview, there is a specialized course to help you prepare.

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Improve your Writing

There is a lot of writing in everyday life. People send emails, write text messages, post on Facebook and create reports for work.  Writing doesn't have to use fancy language or complicated words. Good writing means the audience immediately understands what you are trying to communicate. Improving your writing skills can help you in many aspects of your life.  A well-written resume could be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful job application. A strong essay could get better marks in a college class.  A kind post on social media could make someone's day better. Let us help you hone this important ability with our free courses.

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'Literature' is all the novels, poems, short stories and other works of written fiction.  A good way to improve your English is to read English literature. Alison offers free courses that include great writers like William Shakespeare and specific historical time periods, like the Romantic, Gothic and Postcolonial movements. In addition, we can offer you modules on feminist and postmodern writing. After you feel comfortable with reading English, sign up for these free courses to expand not only your vocabulary and general knowledge but also your mind.

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