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Understanding Arabic Alphabets Saad ( ص ) and Daad ( ض )

Learn how to write, pronounce and different forms of the letters Saad (ص) and Daad (ض) with this free online course.

Publisher: Muhammad Elshanawy
Many people believe Arabic to be the most beautiful written language in the world. It is valued above all other Arab art forms and is classified similarly to drawing, painting, or fine arts. With just two modules and eight lectures, master the art of writing and enunciating the Arabic letters Saad (ص) and Daad (ض). Discover how to comprehend the subtlety of these letters directly from the founder of the Escolaonline language school.
Understanding Arabic Alphabets Saad ( ص ) and Daad ( ض )
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One of the languages with a non-Latin alphabet is Arabic. Its scripts are easier to understand for English speakers than others, but it is still a completely new writing system. What makes reading and writing in Arabic especially challenging for beginners is the exclusion of most vowels in words. Arabic is also written from right to left, which takes some practice. This course aims to introduce you to the fourteenth and fifteenth letters of the Arabic alphabet.

It starts with presenting the letter Saad (ص), the fourteenth letter in the Arabic alphabet. You will discover that the letter Saad has the sound of strong S in English. Next, you will explore the letter Saad (ص) with the short and long vowels. In addition, you will also learn how to write the letter Saad (ص) depending on its position in the phrase.

The final section illustrates the fifteenth letter in Arabic, the letter Daad (ض). It has the sound of D in English. You will explore the letter Daad with the short and long vowels, as well as Tanween. Arabic letters can have four different forms corresponding to an initial, middle, or final. Start learning how the alphabets Saad (ص) and Daad (ض) links to the letter before or after.

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