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Introduction to R Programming

Learn how to program in R and use it for effective data analysis in this free online course on Alison.com

Publisher: SimonSezIT
If you are looking to learn the R language from scratch as a student of programming or you are looking for a new programming language that can help you carry out calculations and analyses. This free introduction to R programming course on Alison will provide you with all the necessary rudiments of R language that can help you build a solid foundation both as a professional or as a student. So enroll now and start your journey today!
Introduction to R Programming
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Are you a data analyst looking for a programming language that can solve your statistical computing needs? Or are you in need of an efficient coding language that is free of cost? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have clicked at just the right place. This free online course will fulfill all your needs for a programming language that is not only cost-efficient but also very easy to understand and apply. The course begins with an introduction to the R programming language and its roots. A brief description of its creators, its ranking compared to other languages, and its source will be provided. The learner will also be directed on how R programming is particularly useful in the data science industry and an attractive buy for data scientists. Then, A step by step guide on how to install and use Rstudio will be provided which is the main platform on which R programming is carried out. Various download and installing options for both professionals and students will be provided along with basic functions so that the user.

Do you know that you can carry out basic math functions using R programming? That is precisely where the course is heading next. An explanation of the basic operations that can be carried out using R programming will be provided. From performing basic math calculations in the console to assigning variables, this course has got you covered. The different data types in R and when they are used are described along with the general standards used while coding in R. Moving on, The course steers towards vectors. An in-depth analysis of how to create vectors, select their components and label each individual vector element is carried out. An explanation of how to perform calculations with vectors and the comparison of two or more vectors is provided for the learner. Some more functions such as mean, median and standard deviation, etc. are discussed along with their modification within the console of Rstudio.

Building up from vectors, the course then steers towards the next data objects i.e. matrices and arrays. An introduction to matrices and arrays along with how to create them in R will be provided. Basic operations that can be performed with matrices and arrays such as adding rows and columns, performing math calculations, selecting certain elements of matrices, and how to find metrics of a matrix are all demonstrated in detail within the course. A key aspect of R that will be discussed is the comparison of matrices with arrays and the main differences between them. R is comparable to other popular commercial statistical packages available in the market but is free of cost. This aspect makes R programming one of the most widely used programming languages worldwide. So why waste any more time. Join this R programming course on Alison.com today and progress your journey towards becoming an R programming expert, either in a professional or academic capacity. So start your learning journey now!

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