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Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems

Learn about essential electrical wiring systems, including raceways and device boxes, with this free online course.

Publisher: USAID
This free online course on electrical wiring systems will teach you about each of the constituent parts of an electrical wiring system, as well as proper handling techniques, and installation and storage procedures for different electrical wiring components. Taking this free, online course will help you develop the essential foundational skills required by any electrician. Take this course today to get started on your career as an electrician.
Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems
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This course will first introduce you to electric device boxes and their uses in electrical wiring systems. You will start by looking into the different types of device boxes that electricians work with. The course will discuss hand bending and teach you the processes of hand bending including the necessary equipment you need to use. You will learn about the importance of using hand benders on the job as well as study the techniques for using hand-operated conduit benders.

Next, you will study raceways and fittings. You will learn what makes up a raceway and how they are used to protect electrical wiring and provide a means of electrical wire identification. The course will also discuss raceway fasteners and anchors as well as conductors and cables. You will look into how electricians install conductors, which is the current-carrying portion of a wire along with its insulation. You will also study the different equipment needed to install and feed conductors in a conduit system.

The importance of properly installed electrical wiring cannot be underestimated. It enables safe and efficient electric power distribution throughout our modern cities. This Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems online course will give you the confidence and competence you need to handle device boxes, conduit fittings, conductors, and cables as well as hand bending. So, check out the course and acquire a valuable skill in the electrical field today.

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