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Diploma in Virtualization Security -Advanced VMware Security

This free online course explores ESX Networking, the virtual environment penetration test, and server hardening.

Publisher: Workforce Academy Partnership
Virtualization Security - Advanced VMware is an online course from Alison that analyses ESX Networking and the components of the virtual machine in addition to the penetration testing of the virtual environment. Protecting and providing security to operating systems is vital. Here is your chance to learn about the prevention of common attack vectors, the methods of hardening the ESX server, and the virtual center server. Enrol today!
Diploma in Virtualization Security -Advanced VMware Security
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Do you like the idea of being at the forefront of understanding VMware engineering? This course provides cybersecurity enthusiasts and learners an advanced updated understanding of ESX Networking and the elements of the virtual machine. We will teach you about penetration testing of the virtual environment and hardening the virtual center. Do you seek to figure out how hackers gain access to vital information from a network and ways to prevent these attacks? We will explore the components and applications of the ESX network, the working principles of the virtual Ethernet adapters and virtual switches. Investigate the applications of various ports and VLANs in VMWare infrastructure. We will then explore Linux as the base operating system for VMWare in addition to the high-level map of the file system, its modular architecture, kernel, and processes. Gain vital knowledge of password file management in Linux and digital signatures and breaking the SSL traffic.

This course covers the ESX/ESXi and the Fibre Channel SAN Environment and Addressing. Study the evolving threats and methodology for penetration testing, the methods of obtaining information and what the hacker wants to know. We demonstrate the scanning tools, the concept of port scanning and NMAP, the types and applications of NMAP scans. Gain an overview of enumeration and attack tools like the NAT dictionary attack tool, banner grabbing and Injecting Abel service. Learn the vulnerabilities in the network services and the application of Backtrack4 and various types of vulnerability scanners. Study the password cracking techniques and the functions of a rainbow table. We demonstrate data streaming, port monitoring software, and Meterpreter. This course will help you gain up-to-date knowledge of the applications and modules of VASTO, along with tools used in managing security vulnerability. Learn about ARP cache poisoning and core impact.

The course's final section covers security options, resource management capabilities, common attack vectors, and deployment of virtualized DMZ configurations. Suppose you seek to gain a proper understanding of DMZ virtualization. We extensively look at the types, deployment, cons, and pros of the virtualized DMZ configurations. Study the configuration of the service console in ESX and Firewall and the processes running in the service console, the configuration of the ESX/Linux user authentication and proper file logging. Learn about the SNMP configuration along with the disabling of auto-mounting of USB devices. We analyze the security measures in setting up the host and database for a virtual center and how to harden an ESXi server. Finally, we explain the VMware converter enterprise, vShield zones overview, and 3rd Party Mitigation Tools. This course will greatly benefit learners, students, researchers, enthusiastic penetration testers, ethical hackers, and all interested in virtual network security. Register for this course today, and don't delay!

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