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Advanced Pivot Tables in Excel

This free online course on Advanced Microsoft Excel PivotTables explains key functions and analysis in PivotTables.

In this free online Advanced Microsoft Excel PivotTables course, you will be taken through how to make the most of powerful data analysis functions. You will be introduced to several techniques used for manipulating data in order to ensure the data is clean and consistent in PivotTables. By the end of this course, you will become better informed about the use of PivotTables in Excel.
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This free online course on Advanced PivotTable begins by explaining how PivotTables are used in Excel for analyzing data and the basic features of PivotTables. The course describes the basic features of PivotTables and the techniques used in cleaning and importing date. You will learn about how to create a PivotTable from scratch and how to create interactive dashboards in Excel.

The course explains how to import and rearrange data in Advanced PivotTables. You will learn about the separation of columns and rows in PivotTables. You will also learn about how to import data from Access database into Excel and create a PivotTable. The course identifies the process of preparing data for analysis and the importance of ensuring data is clean and consistent prior to analyzing data.

Finally, this free online course then explains the consequences of not cleaning data before analysis. You will be introduced to the key functions used in cleaning data. The course describes the various techniques used in Excel for cleaning data. You will be taken through useful tips used in managing and organizing PivotTables. You will also learn about correcting error values in PivotTables.

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